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Carefully seasoned in small batches with delicious nutritional yeast and a special spice blend.

Hippy Pop is the best snack of the hippy generation reinvented.    Coined as “Hippy Popcorn”, this popcorn features delicious superfood Nutritional Yeast (aka “Hippy Dust”) as its star ingredient. Long used as a vegan substitute for cheese, its complex umami flavor profile lends itself to a variety of popcorn flavors that we proudly present to you. Hippy Pop is all natural, vegan, gluten-free, and made in Santa Barbara.

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We seek out high-quality ingredients for our popcorn, and never use any artificial additives or preservatives.  We are proud to partner with local resellers to offer products in the Santa Barbara area.  Whether it’s lunch or a special treat, you and your family will love our selection tasty Popcorn.

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